LIGHT 4 VILLAGE - It's an alternative solar power generator designed to provide enough light for a small household, charge cell phones, power small radio and laptops. The system can even be an income generator for charging cell phones or other rechargeable devices for a small fee. It is relatively inexpensive with very minimal maintenance cost. The design of this system is driven by 3 basic principals: 1) meeting end user needs, 2) efficiency, and 3) easy to install and maintain.

For example, the system is being use in Rwanda and Kenya and it has proved to work. For example, a 20 Watt solar panel can run one light bulb for 24/7  with 5 hours of sunlight per day. Three bulbs will run 8 hours while 6 bulbs will run 4 hours. The Light for Village does not required house wiring, a huge cost saving. The battery bank may need to be replaced in 4-6 years. Light bulbs may last 5+ years or 30,000 hours. Solar panel: 20+ years.

The basic kit “L4V-CH01” comes with 3 light bulbs and the “L4V-CH02” kit comes with 6 bulbs. Each bulb provides light equivalent to a 50 Watts incandescent light bulb. Both kits include a solar panel, a battery, extension cords with bulb sockets + switches, and all accessories needed to complete basic installation.  These kits are best suited for daily use in tropical villages. They are also ideal for vacation cabins and camping RVs (recreational vehicles).

The “L4V-XX03” kit is a customizable package to meet the needs of applications requiring customized installation and requirements of cold weather. A grand majority of households in North America have electricity, but there are few who choose to live off the grid as a personal choice or for some other reasons.  For example, a 140 Watt solar panel kit was installed in a small home located on one of the mountains of Washington where cold weather and snow are expected in November through March. During this harsh weather condition the installation provides at least 6 hours of light, running 5 bulbs at the same time and charging cell phones as needed. During summer time sun light is plenty. Therefore, the system provides excess electricity that can be used to power a small television set during day time and run 5 bulbs the whole night.  

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