2019 COMMUNITY PROJECT SAFARI - Plans are underway for the 2019 Summer trip to Rwanda. The goal will be to install solar powered lights in 12 homes and participate in instructional activities at ACEJ Secondary School. Participants will also visit many fantastic places of interest and experience many cultural exchanges. 

2018 COMMUNITY PROJECT SAFARI - A group of 7 people from Skagit area will travel to Rwanda for a community project safari.   They hope to raise funds to buy 12 solar kits they will install in 12 homes. In addition to the installation of the lights, they will explore Rwandan culture through many activities including a visit to Iby'Iwacu Cultural Village, Ethnographic Museum, King Place, Genocide Memorial, chimp trekking, etc. Read article: "SVC staffers bring electricity to tiny villages in Rwanda"

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ELECTRICITY FOR VILLAGES IN RWANDA - Buffalo for Africa is proud to partner with Light 4 Africa, a local effort to provide basic electricity to villages in Rwanda.  In summer 2011, Buffalo for Africa delivered the very first solar panel unit to Rwanda that was used to prove the concept that the solar kit of of Light 4 village provide sufficient electricity for reading light and charging cell phones. Since then, Light 4 Village was able to meet or exceeded its yearly goal to light up 12 homes." Efforts to collect more Light 4 village solar kits for Rwanda is underway

LIGHTS FOR LOITA COMMUNITY - Kosen Safaris LLC is committed to enrich and uplift lives of people and communities they travel to in East Africa. These communities spend a considerable amount of their resources to protect and preserve their Wildlife and their culture. In furtherance of this goal, Kosen Safaris has worked to establish avenues to ensure that their willing guests can make contributions that will directly benefit those communities. They sponsor projects that benefit the local people and the environment. Today their focus is to bring the Light 4 Village to Loita community.


The Loita community is located on the southern region of Kenya. The community borders the Tanzanias’ Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara Game reserve, two of the world famous wildlife areas. The inhabitants of this region are predominantly Maasai Tribe. They are pastoralists whose livelihood depends on Livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep. This community depends on firewood as a source of energy more so than the kerosene which has become more expensive. This has led to forest being cut down at an alarming rate. Kosen Safaris sees solar electricity is a step in the right direction to solving this problem. The idea of helping Loita community with Light 4 Village was introduced by Hillary Kosen, the founder of Kosen Safaris LLC

Kosen was born and raised in the Maasai community. As a young boy growing up his life was very eventful one spent in the splendor and the drama of the untamed Africa. For many years he looked after his family’s’ cattle and also found time to go to school. His family never had any electricity and depended on firewood and kerosene lamps for light which made it difficult to do homework. The smoke from firewood and the fumes from kerosene lamps are a health hazard and environmental concerns that can be eliminated with solar electricity.   Kosen knows first hand the challenges that his community faces everyday and especially women who have to go for very long distances to fetch firewood and water and have to come home and do other domestic chaos. The school children cannot do their homework or study at home simply because they don’t have lights. It does not need to be this way anymore.


Kosen Safaris is proud to partner with the LIGHT 4VILLAGE to bring clean and affordable solar power to the Loita community. Through donation we will help uplift a community and build a strong foundation for the future generation while protecting the environment. Beneficiaries are families with school going children, so the pupils can study without daylight restrictions. We are building a strong foundation for the future generation one light at a time.

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